Every day with every kilometer any car will be contaminated to one degree or another. Unfortunately, our roads are not very clean, so car wash services are highly sought after today. And if for cars cars washing is available in almost every city, then in the case of heavy duty trolleys the statistics leaves much to be desired. We are all accustomed to see car washes for off-road cars, minibuses and cars, but places where you can drive on a platform of a wagon length of 20 meters is disastrously not enough.

However, experts argue that the car wash as a business - a rather profitable business. And in order for it to bring real income, it is necessary to take into account a number of the most important moments, which we will tell you in today's article.

What should I know about truck washers?

First and foremost, it is necessary to note who exactly will use your services. The bulk of customers are drivers-truckers. Their essence of work is to deliver goods at long distances in different directions.

And since the flight can take 5 or more nights (sometimes it takes up to 2-3 weeks), drivers have to live in their cars. They eat, sleep and live there. Naturally, the cabin should be order and cleanliness. But they do not forget about the outer part of the truck, so they also use the services of car washes.

What will you play on your hand is the quality of the roads. Domestic routes are practically not cleaned, therefore they are always very dusty. And now imagine - after the rain on the wet paint and varnish body coating a huge amount of small particles of road garbage. If you do not have time to do a sink, the dirt will "rotate" the entire truck up to the roof.

And then, no matter how expensive the car did not seem, it will look, to put it mildly, not so much. In addition, on some unloading bases and ports there is a special restriction, according to which dirty trucks enter just there is prohibited. And then I'll have to search for a car wash by force or by washing my truck with my own efforts.

But even under the most favorable weather conditions, you can not come "clean", for example, from Yekaterinburg to Moscow. It turns out that on our roads trucks are dirty in 1,5-2 times more often than on German motorways. This explains the profitability of this business in Russia.

How to open a car? choose a place

The most difficult moment when opening this business is the choice of the appropriate territory on which the car will be built. In the city center, of course, there is no point in building such a house, at least because it is forbidden to enter the luggage at daytime and at night. It should be built outside the city somewhere near the highway with a lot of trucks.

You can rent a room for a car wash, but for a permanent business it is not an option. Pay attention to the convenience of water supply. Since your services will use large trucks, the pressure of the water supply should be appropriate. In extreme cases, use special pumps that increase fluid pressure (most of the equipment is already in use). Plan entry and exit for transport.

The room under the car wash and its area should be as large as possible to ensure the maneuver of a long haul. It must be taken into account that the sizes of foreign (foreign) structures and their territory may vary slightly in size to the smaller side.

This is explained by the fact that in Russia there is a lot of chauffeur driven American production. Compared to the "Europeans", they are less maneuverable, so they need more space on the road to turn them around.

Mobile or stationary?

In total there are two types of such structures, which can be either mobile or stationary. The first option has several advantages over the second one. First, it is an easy assembly of structures. A mobile car washer for trucks is going to take 2-3 days, and there is no need for pouring the foundation and connecting to sewage and water communications.

This construction can be constructed on asphalt or on a concrete slab, or on a ground. That is, starting a business can be done in the coming days.

Secondly, you will have virtually no problems with the registration of documents to the mobile station and all related permissions. Thirdly, when buying such designs you will immediately pick up a complete set of devices and tools. All the necessary equipment for car washes you already have in stock. By the way, according to functionality, mobile stations practically do not yield to their stationary counterparts.

Why are these designs so widespread in Russia?

The fact is that the minimum cost of such stations is about 2-3 million rubles, depending on the number of cars (in some cases, it reaches 6 million rubles). However, as practice shows, the universality of such designs allows the owner to "repulse" this value in the next few months. With a good selection of places mobile stations will allow you to earn enough good money. By the way, activity is registered by one legal entity or individual.

We plan a car wash: the number of employees

For the normal functioning of the firm you will need no more than 10 personnel. If this is a small car wash truck, it's enough to hire and 3 people for a successful job. The division of posts is as follows: the sink is operated only by the administrator and the dishwasher, whose work he will control.

That is, if it's 10 employees, then 9 of them will be washed cars, and one - to check all their actions. It is important that they work in a shift, since trucks can come not only in the daytime, but also at night.

The cost of services

As we have already mentioned, a truck wash is a very lucrative business. Often, such companies take for their work about two or more non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens for the complete washing of one machine. With a constant flow of 10-15 wagons a day, your revenue will be at least 20 thousand rubles. During the first season of net profit - about 1 million rubles. All car washing equipment will be repaid in less than 2-3 months.


Naturally, in order to increase the flow of customers, you should advertise your car. Since it is on the track, it is advisable to place ads on several billboards, located three hundred or more meters from the building itself. The text can be the simplest. For example, "Professional washing of trucks", and below is a pointer, something like "⇑ 300 m".

Additional profit opportunities

If you are going to do this business thoroughly, in the future, a car wash can be added to a small dining room for drivers or a car shop. Some other companies are building a separate truck parking lot (TIR-Parking).

In any case, you will receive additional income. There is also an option for opening a car wash sink nearby. However, whether it will be profitable depends on the "advertisements" of your company. Such a car wash for trucks will surely bring you a profit, and you will always be in a good position.

So, we found out how to open a private car wash for freight transport and how it can be completed by obtaining an additional source of income.