Each year, universities produce thousands of psychologists. Some of them have never decided to work as a specialist, as in public institutions, the salary is not very high, but the psychological business is openly opened because of foggy prospects.

Although the present society or the time of change can put a person in such conditions that his psyche will be subject to daily verification of endurance. A person will need help, support that is not always able to provide close relatives or relatives, and not everyone will go to complain about life to acquaintances.

This is where business will be beneficial today. A psychologist is the person who always listens, analyzes the situation, helps. This profession is very popular today. That is why we will talk about what you need to open a psychologist's office, consider more detail all the stages of becoming a promising business.

Where to start?

If you have decided to master this business, you should make every effort to avoid competition. To do this, you will define the services that you will provide in the center. Learn the distribution of business in your area, identify with the target audience, its priorities and preferences.

Before opening a psychological office, you need to understand what kind of services will be needed by the people in the place where you are going to open the center. What's the most about your potential customers? This may be: difficulty in bringing up children, depression, anxiety, grief, personal success and achievement, depending on the problems in the family.

And now, when you draw up an approximate list of questions that you will be asked about, you will find ways to solve them: seminars, trainings, personal interviews, classes in the group, movie viewing. Naturally, in order to provide a full range of services, you need employees who should also be taken care of at this stage.

You should roughly distribute responsibilities between them (one conducts trainings, the other - conversations, etc.). By the way, if you are not yourself a specialist in this field, then you need to consider the business plan of the psychological office, since there are many professionals, and the idea is very promising.

Business Registration

In order to legally complete all the documents, you must choose the organizational and legal form that suits you - IP (Individual Entrepreneur) or LLC (Limited Liability Company). What's the difference? The first form of registration (IP) has some advantages. This means that the amount of tax will be lower (single tax), and the system of delivery of all reporting is much easier.

LLC should be chosen if the business plan of the psychological center involves working with legal entities. Do not be afraid to make a mistake; you can change the legal form at any time. If you have time and desire, collect all the necessary documents yourself, otherwise, find a mediator who will do everything for you for a fee.

More about the selection of employees

This is a very important point on which the success of your business depends. Having asked once for help in your center, the client will either come and advise a specialist to his friends, or forget you for a journey forever, but also give the glory appropriately. If you are a specialist in this field, remember the people with whom you studied, worked, crossed the seminars, and so on.

If you are not a psychologist, then carefully study the recommendations of all those who want to work with you, check them out, call your place of work and are interested in the professional qualities of a person. The business plan of a psychological center should also include such a stage of organization as recruitment and other staff: secretary, accountant, cleaner, and others.

The next stage is the selection of premises

As you know, a room under the center can be either rent or buy. Naturally, in most cases, at the initial stage it is more practical and economical to choose the first option. However, do not forget that the owner of a home can significantly increase the fee or decide at all to sell your office. In this case, there is no guarantee that those customers who turned to you (because it is not close and do not go far), will remain yours and will follow you in another area.

If we talk about the area of ​​the room (and the business plan of the psychological center will necessarily include this moment), everything here will depend on your goals. For the center, where one specialist works, there will be enough and 30 square meters, and to accommodate several psychologists with groups and clients need not one such office. Square meters should be enough for a cozy hall, where the reception will be located, and for a household unit with a sanitary unit.

Particular attention should be paid to the interior design. The center of psychological help is a place where it is easy and pleasant to have, where comfort relaxes and tune in to conversation. Carefully choose the color of the walls, furniture, do not forget about quality sofas, lamps, colors.

It is important!

If you are new to this business, you do not have a client base and you do not know how to open a cabinet of a psychologist and where, then remember: it is necessary to do this not in defiance, not on the outskirts of the city, and in that part where there is always a large congestion people where schools, kindergartens, various organizations, institutes, etc. are located nearby. There you will be able to carry out promotions, hand out booklets, but this will be a little bit later.

Promotion and advertising of the psychological center

The business plan of a psychological center simply can not exist without this item. Successful activity is possible only with the presence of regular clients who will come to you and advise your friends, acquaintances, colleagues.

Since the psychological office sells a service that is not trustworthy for all people (many still think it's charlatanism), they will have to try to convince them of the opposite. Why do not everyone trust the psychologists? But because people first saw American films about such "experts", where the meaning of the plot, not the provision of psychological help, and secondly, many have never been in such centers. Hence, distrust.

So, we need to be interested in people, that is, to make good advertising. At the initial stage, it's unlikely that the media will be contacted; it is unlikely to help. Here you should start with the so-called targeted advertising, which includes postal mail, presentations, spam, leaflets and booklets.

What to write in these postcards? Focus on the issues that may be of your target audience. Tell us what kind of help you are able to provide (we discussed above) and what methods. That should work. As practice shows, and we have already mentioned this, the so-called secondary advertising works best when your client, who likes everything, advises your center to other people.

What else to consider when organizing thisbusiness?

A psychologist is able to provide assistance to clients both through the conversation and during the seminar, but it is worth knowing that the most promising one will be the center where psychological training prevails. Why?

  1. No need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. The expert will need only the most standard set. The main thing in this case is the comfort.
  2. If you properly organize advertising and from the very beginning to earn authority, then good income is guaranteed for you with a minimum of expenses.
  3. This trend today in fashion, respectively, young people will definitely be interested in your services.
  4. After such trainings, a person feels more cheerful, he feels a surge of strength, but this state lasts about a couple of weeks, then the customer will come back to you for "recharging".

Disadvantages of this business

There are a few of them, but you are obligated to get acquainted with them. So, the disadvantages are:

  • fairly high competition, as in any other not very busy niche;
  • full dependence of the enterprise on the level of professionalism of employees;
  • the popularity of science is growing, but still many people do not recognize psychological help.

Approximate cost for opening a business

The amount of money that you will have to spend depends on many factors, but we will give the average figures. So, during the first month of work you have to put about 5000 rubles, the second - 12 500 rubles, the third - 26 000, the fourth - 39 500.

Exemplary revenues will be as follows:

  • From trainings - about 90,000 rubles for the first month of work, the same amount you will earn in the next two months.
  • Carrying out a variety of consultations will bring about 35,000 rubles for the first month, the same for the second month, and for the third - for 5-7 thousand more.

To expenses in the beginning we carried and registration of the enterprise, and advertising, and obtaining a license, and the payment of employees, and lease, and taxes.

This business with a successful coincidence of all circumstances will pay off after about 6 months.

How much do private psychologists earn?

This question is especially interesting for those who will soon receive a diploma about the relevant education, or those who are only going to link their lives with this specialty. Each private psychologist does not depend on anyone, he himself sets prices for his services. Of course, at the very beginning of practice, they should be democratic and accessible, and later the expert is more confidently overestimates the cost.

On the average, a specialist whose work experience does not exceed 5 years, can count on 400-500 rubles per hour, after 10 years of work - 600-700 rubles. But do not forget about the list of expenses that are simply inevitable. But this profession is very interesting, perspective and interesting. We wish success in the professional field to those who are going to render assistance to people in their own psychological center!