There are so many different centers for children in Moscow. To choose a good one that is appropriate for your child, you need to have the necessary information. Now consider an interesting institution.

"Source of Development"

Talking about what kind of children's entertainment centers in Moscow is, it's impossible not to mention this one. This is a great place for children of all ages. There is a club, garden and an early development center. An individual approach and quality service allow you to spend classes with children after a year. Due to the large selection of classes, the child will not be bored and will be able to choose what he likes. This further serves as a good start to self-realization and the discovery of talent, which is very important to discover at an early age.

This center offers classes in different directions: languages, music, creativity, needlework, chess. In addition, there are games based on fairy tales, as well as using sand. Grammar and mathematics classes are conducted using classical techniques.

Another plus is the formation of groups based on the age of children. This allows the child to develop at the right level and be surrounded by peers. This is the best children's entertainment center in Moscow for youngsters.

Classes for children of all ages

In addition to teaching children, you can arrange holidays and other events. They are mainly intended for children from one year to five years. These can be birthdays, New Year holidays, and individual ones. For minors 5-14 years old, they can offer mini-quests or other game programs. There is also the possibility to order animators who work outside the center. There is a service that provides for an individual celebration.

There is a small garden on the territory of the center. Here are all the conditions for the safe stay of children and their proper development. This children's entertainment center in Moscow for young people is liked by many parents. Therefore, the establishment has many recommendations and positive feedback.

Roll Hall

Roll Hall is the best children's entertainment center in Moscow. Here can be a great time not only for children, but also for parents. Basically it is an entertainment center designed for family vacations. But, besides this, there is an opportunity to hold corporate or other holiday. In this center time passes fast, exciting and unforgettable. Here is the most popular roller bear in Moscow. There is also bowling, billiards. Also, there is an opportunity to play table tennis. Children can have a great time in the center of "Neposhoda", and parents can rest easy and do their own business. Responsible nannies will find an approach to each child and will be able to capture various games and fun.

There are restaurants and cafes on the territory, as well as the famous Grill Hall. Each establishment offers pizza delivery.

This is a modern and magnificent center for a good holiday for children and parents. A great place to spend your free time.

HAPPYLON Pirates Park

This is an excellent amusement park in Moscow for the whole family. There is a very large selection of entertainment. Great review, a maze, extreme attractions, "Pirate Town", the latest movie theater and more.

There is an excellent establishment "Taverna Merry Roger". Located in the park and offers various delicious food and drinks. In addition, there is a possibility to order a celebration of a birthday or other important events.

In this park very strictly and clearly adhere to the rules of safety. Visitors are listening to the opinion of the staff.

Guests of the park managed to love the most extreme attractions - "Tsunami" and "Tower of the fall".

HAPPYLON Pirates Park is the largest children's entertainment center in Moscow.

"Wheel at the All-Russian Exhibition Center"

It is an amusement park, which was opened in honor of the 850th anniversary of the existence of the capital. Glory to the largest wheel of inspection not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia. In addition to it, there are many other exciting rides that will enable adults and children to have a great time. Different slides, motor racing, roundabouts, swings are just a small list of what's on the park's grounds. The smallest visitors can spend time in a children's town. There are also several cafes and a modern 5D cinema.

Sunny Land

All parents know how difficult it is to force a child to study. Often, it is necessary to invent different games so that the child at least learned something. Especially difficult with the youngest children. Professionals work in the center of Sunny Land. They are able to direct the energy of children to the doctrine. At the moment in Moscow there are already two such centers. The first is 6 years. During this time about 1000 children studied in it. There are different groups in this center: dance, music, martial arts, cooking. Here a very effective teaching method is chosen. With the right games, the child receives the necessary knowledge. Here children from one to seven years can study.

All students of the center can take part in various competitions, quizzes, master classes. In turn, it will be interesting not only for children, but also for parents. Creative children in the Sunny Land are taking part in charity concerts and riding tours.

This center is a very convenient service for parents. They can leave their child in "Sunny Land" for several hours and deal with their affairs. And this time the child will spend the benefit.

Sunny Land proposes the organization of birthdays and other holidays. For children it will become an unforgettable day, the joy of which it can share with friends.

In addition to the listed services, in the center there is an opportunity to get advice from a professional speech therapist and a psychologist. And also take courses in photography, English.

Speaking about children's entertainment centers in Moscow, it's worth mentioning this. The purpose of the institution is to provide as much entertainment as possible to its small and adult visitors.

The age and customs of the participants when forming groups are taken into account. The following classes are offered for children: dancing, pottery classes, foreign language courses, chess, music, acting lessons, sports lessons, artistic clubs, educational games and classes.

Adults can also do: pottery, studying foreign languages, dancing, sports, taking lessons of acting.

What else is worth to visit children's entertainment centers in Moscow? UZAO is the district in which you can also find various institutions for kids. For example, "Ladushka".

This center for child development in Yasen is located. There are various classes for the youngest children from one to seven years old. This center has painting lessons, modeling courses, and various master classes. Speech therapist and psychologist are ready to help individually with each child. There are different types of occupations for parents who, as well as children, can usefully spend time. In the center of "Ladushka" offer the organization of any children's holidays.

Entertainment institution "Island"

What are the fun children's entertainment centers in Moscow, South Pacific? For example, "Island". This center is located on the second floor of the famous Spectrum shopping center. There is a small network of such children's entertainment establishments. Here you will find active classes and quiet silent ones.

There are various attractions in this center, as well as gaming machines. Parents do not have to be bored. Several cafes are invited to rest and provide an opportunity to observe how children play. In the center of the island, various children's holidays are held. It is possible to order animators, to make children aquamarine and beautiful photos.

Evrika Park

One of the best science and entertainment centers. Children from 5 years of age and older can visit the club. In this center you have interesting and unusual lessons. For example, what is bioacoustics, or how a microscope is built. In addition, many other interesting topics. You can also arrange an unforgettable holiday for the child and his friends.


Now you know what are the children's shopping and entertainment centers in Moscow. Due to this list and detailed information about all the popular centers for development and fun of children, parents will be able to decide. Basically everyone offers a list of similar services, it remains only to choose one of the most suitable.