Collection is a process in which funds are collected, as well as bills of exchange or payment documents, settlement papers left by clients who have contacted a credit institution or a bank. Money is withdrawn from the cash register by people who belong to a group of collectors. About this service and various nuances associated with it, learn more in detail from the article.

What does this service represent?

Collection services should ensure the storage of transported items. This is the withdrawal and delivery to the cash desk, intended to be added to the current accounts opened by the clients. In accordance with Article 5 of the Law "On Banks and Banking Activities of the Russian Federation", it was established that fence of currencies, bills of exchange, payments and accounts is one of the main operations carried out by special organizations.

Collection is a process that can not be conducted by a legal entity if it does not work under a license issued by the Central Administration of Commerce in accordance with the same paragraph of the bill.

authorized organizations

There is a very narrow circle of companies that can provide such services. The organization of collection provides treatment of rubles and cash, in which they will remain in a safe condition, as well as securities and all the rest, which may have an increased cost. All these items are under the ownership, imposed by the credit institution, company or customers. With them, the collection of money is carried out.

The service that conducts this process (it may be a department for seizing or delivering valuable things) is a structural part that is part of a single whole, which is a security system. Collection is an operation over which the head of the department supervises, as well as senior specialists. These may be brigades, assemblers, and drivers.

What is included in the list of services?

Collection is a process that includes the following tasks:

  • to bring the proceeds of the organizations involved in trade into the bank;
  • cash must be delivered from sales outlets owned by commercial institutions to the head office from which it will be deposited;
  • values ​​are imported in the building of firms directly from the banking complex. Often such an operation is carried out when it is necessary to pay wages to employees;
  • also, values ​​are delivered from the place of their storage to the point where the product is purchased. Similar actions are related to a loan, when a large amount of money is taken out for a single use;
  • in addition, carry out the movement of securities and currency to the exchange office from the walls of the bank and in the opposite direction;
  • serviced branches, from which the withdrawal is made in favor of the central office;
  • ATM cash collection is a responsible and risky process, so during this operation, employees of client organizations want to be present directly. It is available, they are accompanied by specialists.

The qualities that a service specialist should possess

The collector car may be in the hands of a person who has a number of properties and qualities appropriate for this responsible task. To begin with, this work experience as a guardian. There should be a license that grants the right to conduct private activity for monitoring various points, which operates more than six months. The minimum level of qualification is sixth.

From past workplaces should be good reviews of executives. The collectors' car is trusted by those who have been trained for one to three months and successfully passed the examinations. Also, a person must have business qualities and features of character that contribute to the successful performance of duties, to act law-abiding. Despite the seriousness of the actions, creative attitude to the work will be only a plus.

Training and Improvement

The world does not stand still, so people must constantly strive to improve their skills and qualifications. Of course, in the price of such qualities as reliability, ability to be vigilant, show courage, act inventively in unforeseen situations, take yourself in the hands, safely communicate with colleagues and clients.

To determine how fit a person is for this post, he is sent to test psychology. After successfully passing the trial period of 1-3 months under the close supervision of a mentor, a specialist is ready for independent work.

Why do we need these services?

The work of such companies is considered important because the statistics of attacks and thefts by criminals are not happy. Additional protection from similar events, special methods and means of struggle is needed.

At the time of the robbery, the collectors, properly trained and vigilant, can repulse or detect prematurely that the attack is in the stage of preparation. It is necessary to act in such situations promptly and quickly. Criminals very often encroach on the funds that are in the process of transportation, since large sums of money and currency, documents and metals of particular value are being moved. It is extremely difficult to handle this risk independently, so it's easier to trust professionals.

Collection services still provide a guarantee of security. Much here depends on the selection of the crew, which must be well prepared, have the proper qualifications, have psychological stability. Also, the work is carried out with the help of special cars, which provide more material storage.

What responsibility is assigned to the service?

The employees of the organizations that produce the collection assume administrative, as well as financial liability. In addition, they may be subject to disciplinary and criminal penalties in case of improper performance of their duties.

This procedure is fixed at the legislative level. Also, it is necessary to reimburse the value of material assets, if they were stolen or the bank was damaged. Then all the members of the group that were engaged in the transfer of values, make their contribution in solidarity.

Each member of the group must sign a contract fixing the responsibilities. If one of the employees has violated the rules and procedures that have been established earlier, he is brought to justice before the law and prison documents. Make a remark or a reprimand. They can also be transferred to work, paid below, or at all offset to a worse position for a period not exceeding 3 months. The final measure is the release.