One of the common manifestations of human emotions is envy. This feeling is firmly rooted in society, and in all spheres of activity. Envy is present in everyday life, in business relationships, to material wealth. But most importantly, this very emotion in its prevalence carries only harm, destroying more important and bright feelings.

Envy as a manifestation of human nature

Often, comparing itself subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, people come to the idea that someone is smarter, more beautiful, richer. An intolerable idea does not rest, thereby pushing for the plan their own dignity, achievement. In the eyes of the jealous of how the reality is distorted, the colors of life disappear, their own significance is lost, the person eats itself from the inside. A sleep disorder, a mood disappears, self-importance is suppressed, as a result - stress, depression, health problems.

Then stop jealous of not hurting yourself and others?

A few general rules

  1. First of all, one must realize that all people are unique and unique, but there is no absolute perfection. Smart and beautiful can be unhappy in personal life, and an unpretentious and plump little man - have a chic car and a model model's wife. Hence the second rule follows.
  2. You do not have to spend time and energy on envy, better focus on your dignity, talents, knowledge and skills, aiming to change your life abruptly. And if you treat the human race, then everything will turn out (see paragraph 1).
  3. Separate envy from healthy competition. To sit and watch others improve their welfare, improve their body, and cast evil eyes on their side - it's jealousy, but lifting their fifth point and starting to act is a competition.
  4. Ask a really close person to name all their dignity, they are everyone. The view from the side is always more objective than your own.
  5. And finally, how to stop jealousy? People suffering from this ailment need to analyze their own selves, their goals and needs, to compare their capabilities with desires, and to outline an action plan.

Convinced of the awareness of the above general rules, one can look at the root of the separate causes for envy and understand their essence.

Material wealth

Envying material wealth, you need to think, and is it happy who they are? "The rich also cry" - this is not only the name of many known serials. These are the realities of life. How many strengths and nerves spent wealthy people before they become so? And how much to spend, not to lose everything? And do they have free time to spend it with friends close? And do they have friends at all or only business partners? The answer to the question "how to stop envy other, more prosperous and successful", suggests itself: to imagine in their place, and to remove the tip of the iceberg and look into the abyss under it. Is there any desire left? Then, realizing the full complexity of achieving financial well-being, comparing with his abilities and forces, gathering the will in the fist, throwing out an action plan - and moving forward to the goal. If a person is smart, then envy will go, and in its place will get a healthy excitement and the desire to reach the same level or higher.

Beauty and charm

One of the reasons for envy can be the appearance. How to stop jealous of a girlfriend with a beautiful figure? And who set the framework for beauty? "There is no taste for the color of comrades," says the wise proverb. One likes harmony and elegance, others give pleasing forms. And then, beauty - is not a reason for envy, but rather an incentive to improve oneself. After all, nobody interferes with taking hands and at least start to do a charge. Pick up a diet for you and stop choking, dazzling, gossiping envy. The first results will make this boring scumbag abandon the mind. It would be a wish. And then, to consolidate success, you can ask for advice from the same girlfriend and find out how she herself has achieved such results. So you can keep friendship and become more attractive.

How to stop jealous of careerist? Just imagine what he had to sacrifice for the sake of promotion. Sleepless nights, lack of personal life, abandoned children, homeless person. All this can be in the life of a person who makes a career. Of course, this is not a reason to throw everything and hide in the four walls. You need to compare all the pros and cons, decide for yourself that in the first place, what is the main thing in life. Perhaps this is a wonderful parenting qualities that will help raise a wonderful person who can be proud of all his life. This can be a peculiar career - the attachment of their forces and skills to the future of children. And I will not have to regret the lost time, shyly lowering my eyes when talking about my own children.

How to stop envying good health? Not a fact that a person who is envious, it is really strong. Appearance is not always an indicator. And wise at all will not declare a list of their illnesses to all others. It is better to pay attention to your condition. If necessary, seek medical advice. After all, there are a lot of incurably sick people in the world, but they do not have a feeling of envy completely, they just do not have time to envy. They try to fill their lives with a maximum of positive emotions. Maybe you should learn from them?

Intellect and talent

How to stop jealous of a smart, talented person with high intelligence? There is nothing simpler to do with your own! People are not born stupid and talkative, they become such idleness and laziness. In the modern world there are so many sources of information that it is not a sin to take advantage of them. Having a good understanding of yourself, you can always find your own talent, which simply craves to be discovered and developed.

Summing up all the above, we conclude: envy is a swamp, pulls to the bottom, displaces the inner world of man, his personality, devastating and deprives the breath of life.

And yet, how to stop jealousy and live your life? Understanding personal dignity, begin to realize their desires, which will take a long time and will not allow any possibility to penetrate envy in life!