So today, we will talk to you about how to spend "Thank you" from Sberbank. These are pretty nice bonuses, which are sometimes very easy to type. It is worth seeing where and for what you can spend.

Before spending

So, before you can figure out where you can "lower" the bonus points "Thank you", let's think a little about what you need to do to accumulate it. To begin with, to become a member. There are several ways to do this. After that, you will get an opportunity to earn bonuses and think how to spend "Thank you" from Sberbank.

In general, you can use one of the three available methods of connecting this service - via ATM, mobile bank or Sberbank online. After that, for some actions, you will be charged points that you can spend. Now we will understand how and where.

Accumulation rules

But before that, let's try to figure out how you can earn bonuses. Only then can you think about the topic: "Thank you" from the Savings Bank where to spend? "After all, we will deal with not real money, and hence, this function is not available everywhere.

So, if you do not know where to spend "Thank you" from the Savings Bank, as well as the notion how you can score these points, it is worth as soon as possible to study this issue. All bonuses are charged for bank card calculations on the Internet. For example, when making a cashless payment in an online store or after paying for mobile services via Sberbank Online. This is a very popular method of collecting "Thank you".

In addition, bonuses are accrued and during transactions in ATMs. Cash withdrawal is not included here - only payment for services. There is also a bonus for using the card in any store, restaurant and other outlets. Sometimes the product can see how many points you get for this or that operation.

So, you were given a Saving Bank bonus. "Thank you" how to spend? Points can be spent not everywhere, so one should pay attention to this topic. After all, the correct use of this opportunity will help you save money, as well as effectively use bonuses.

So, if you think how to spend "Thank you" from the Savings Bank, you should collect the necessary information and choose the place where you want to implement the calculation.

The fact is that today's bonus can be used as a payment for a purchase. To do this, as already mentioned, you should choose the partner location where you plan to make a purchase (for example, "Euroset"), and then inform the cashier about your intentions to pay the collected points from the Savings Bank. Now report the amount you want to spend on the points scored and pay with your card.

If you think how to spend "Thank you" from Sberbank, then you have a whole range of opportunities. For example, you can make a profitable purchase - buy a technique or give someone a real dinner at a restaurant. But let's see what other opportunities the program participants get.


How to spend "Thank you" from Sberbank? For example, you can combine scored points with real money. In this way, you will not get a real discount (because you got a bonus for some kind of purchase), but only an opportunity to partially pay for the goods.

True, those participants who are quite actively gaining data points, have an excellent opportunity to pay for the purchase literally pennies. If there is enough "Thank you" in the account, you have the full right to receive a discount on which of the card you will need to pay only 1 ruble. So it will turn out to be a nice present to you and your loved ones.

For example, you can spend bonus points in a hardware store or clothing store. Never before did purchases were so enjoyable. Especially if you score a lot of points. This is a good backing if you have not enough money on the card to make a purchase. But let's see how to spend "Thanks" from Sberbank in other ways. More precisely, that you can buy for bonuses, but also at pleasant prices.

lovers of luxury

Well, you scored points from Sberbank. How to spend scores? Let's see how this program can please lovers of chic life. And so she will help them?

The fact is that Sberbank collaborates with various brands and popular chain stores. For example, you can buy your own smart watch at the Russian Watch online store. In addition, jewelry stores are also participants of the "Thank You" program from Sberbank. So in most "jewelry" you will be able to pay off your bonus points. A magnificent decoration, say, with a discount of 2,000 rubles - what could be better?

As it has been repeatedly said, you can spend bonuses "Thank you" from Sberbank in a number of clothing stores. Kari, Kanzler, Baon - these are the places where you can buy shoes, accessories and clothing with a discount or almost complete payment by dialed points. But is it all? No! Let's see what Oschadbank can offer to those who prefer a more modest life.

Everyone, everyone, everyone

Well, in the presence of bonuses "Thank you" on their card, each client can pay them in many pharmacies. Sufficiently comfortable, especially if you often have to buy some medications and medicines. The first-aid items purchased for this promotion at drugstores are a nice addition to everyday purchases.

In addition, booksellers can buy books in online stores. For example, "Litres" provides such an opportunity. You can make a gift to yourself or your loved ones.

And to everything else, if you do not know where to spend "Thank you" from the Savings Bank, then you have a great opportunity to have a bite at a discount at Burger King. The point is that a small amount of bonus points to spend on a big purchase is not worth the - sometimes "Thank you" on the map so little that a good discount can not be expected. But for a good lunch or dinner in the US - always please. So now you know how to spend "Thank you" from Sberbank.