Any prudent person wants to be financially independent. At the same time, the majority chooses not quite the right ways to achieve the goal.

Usually, the desire for a bright future is reduced to exhaustive search for high-paying work. This contradicts the basic principle of success, according to which it is possible to realize a dream only if it gives all its time.

Thus, it is necessary to make a choice from several ways of existence. The first one is not particularly attractive and it is a thorough advancement in the career ladder. The second way, such as working for oneself, seems to someone too risky, but it has long been known: who does not risk, he does not drink champagne.

Features of the character of a successful entrepreneur

Of course, your own business is good, but it's not worth hurrying to apply for a job from a permanent place of work. To begin with, you need to check your character. He must have the following features:

  • responsibility;
  • arrogance;
  • persistence;
  • purposefulness.

The list can go on and on, but without these 4 qualities it's simply impossible to become a successful entrepreneur, as starting to work for yourself - this means getting ready for any difficulties and obstacles that will get on the way.

If you decide on such a step very hard, and tormented doubts, then start your business so early. In this case, it is better to engage in in-depth study of the issue. This will help you to find confidence. Today, there are many workshops where experienced business people tell about what a beginner entrepreneur should know, and so on. All the information we need to rethink our own way, and only then try to translate ideas into reality.

Obstacles that you need to know in advance

In Russia, there is a negative attitude towards entrepreneurship by both the authorities and ordinary people. This can be explained by the fact that this phenomenon for our country is relatively new.

Many still retain Soviet ideology, according to which an entrepreneur - a person who receives income illegally. People simply do not understand how to work honestly and at the same time have a good house and a car. In their opinion, you can not live dignity if you do not get a salary.

Along with the above-described abstract problem, there are also quite real administrative barriers:

  1. Complicated business registration procedure.
  2. Total control from many organs.
  3. The imperfection of the legislative framework.
  4. Cross-subsidization of individual industries.
  5. Bureaucracy.

Do not forget about the economic factors that hinder the development of business in Russia. The main ones are limited access to financial resources and the presence of monopolists on the market.

Common mistakes of entrepreneurs

In order not to make mistakes, you need to study the strangers. In fact, most of the novice businessmen are failing for the most ridiculous miscalculations. They can be completely different in content, but everything is a consequence of the lack of skills in managing their own business.

The first place in the ranking of mistakes is rightly taken by the wrong calculation of the cash needed to run the project. Oddly enough, inexperienced business people are more likely to invest more money than they are required at an early stage.

There are, however, those who are trying to save where they can not do this.

The next popularity is the miscalculation of early or, conversely, late-launching of the project. For a successful start, it is very important to choose the right time.

The market must be prepared, run an advertising campaign, thereby creating a pre-sale boom. In addition, the early discovery of their case without proper marketing research leads to a complete lack of client base.

Who should seek help?

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for a number of provisions, according to which each person has the right to realize their capabilities, why all the forces should contribute to the state. At one time, even a concept for creating favorable conditions for small and medium-sized businesses was developed, which included the following items:

  1. Elimination of legal barriers.
  2. State support.
  3. Infrastructure development.
  4. Control over the activities of state authorities.

All this relates to the theoretical part. Regarding the practice, today a number of projects are being implemented, thanks to which help from start-up entrepreneurs from the employment center is provided.

Choice of scope

In order to find out what it is profitable to do in a particular situation, it is necessary first of all to study the market, analyze demand and supply. Since there is a very high competition in a small business, then it is worthwhile to choose a promising line in which the least rivals are moving. At the same time, it is not worth trying to take a niche, which is entirely on the outskirts of the financial world. Narrow specialization will also be beneficial only at the first stage of development.

Russia's economy is in the long process of reformation, so it is very difficult to say what it is profitable to do in such conditions. One can say with full confidence: in the near future, the country will gradually move from the raw model of development to the processing industry.

Summing up

In conclusion, it should be emphasized that there is no single model for building a successful business. Nobody can teach how to work for yourself. Most of these skills are acquired in practice. In addition, every successful entrepreneur who talks about how to work for himself only transmits personal experience that is far from suitable for everyone.

Of course, this does not mean that listening to someone else's advice is not worth it. Friends, experts and even competitors can always gather information, rethink it, and then apply it in their own business.

In order to deal with Russia, one must be able to bypass the various administrative and economic barriers. At the same time, the situation is changing for the better, and in the future the market of our country can become one of the most attractive.