People with multi-million dollar bills rarely pay attention to the price of their purchases. To highlight their status, rich people can buy the most expensive things in the world, the price of which can reach tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Let's consider in more detail jewelry, fabrics, outfits, real estate and equipment, as well as food and many other products with too high value. The article includes an overview of expensive virtual things, video clips and commercials.

Luxurious outfits

The most expensive thing in the world of high fashion is the dress of British designer Debbie Wynham. The dress is enormously popular in the fashion world. The cost of dress is about $ 19 million. The peculiarity of the outfit consists in the fact that the dress is inlaid with several thousand gems, including a hundred very rare diamonds. The basis of the pattern are special red stones, the total value of which is 7.5 million dollars. The dress style is made in the form of capes. Black outfit. Elegance and luxury are present in every element of the dress. In the process of sewing it used only threads of white gold.

Men's formal suits are much cheaper than women's designer dresses. The most expensive thing in the world of men's fashion is a suit that is inlaid with diamonds. Total dressing time is 33 days. The cost of the suit is 900 thousand dollars. The stitching is sewn exclusively from silk, wool and cashmere. In the world, there are only three instances of this kind.


Graff Pink's pink diamond ring is among the 10 most expensive things in the world. At the British auction this decoration was sold for a record $ 46 million. It should be noted that such an acquisition is a good investment, since each year the cost of the product only increases.

The high cost is due to the fact that the jewel of the ring is the most perfect and pure diamond in the world. There are several more jewels, the beauty and value of which are impressive:

  1. "The heart of the ocean". Everyone can imagine how this jewelry looks, because it is an exact copy of what is shown to us in the famous film about "Titanic" by Cameron's director. After the success of the painting, the jeweler Harry Winston was inspired by the idea of ​​creating a prototype of a necklace. A year later, the result of his work was sold at an auction for twenty million dollars.
  2. Ruby "The Heart of the Kingdom." The decoration is a diamond-shaped necklace, with a huge heart-shaped ruby ​​in the center of the composition. The price of the product is $ 14 million.

The most expensive thing in the world: commercials

Popular commercials of world brands are quite expensive. Below is a list of the most expensive commercials of all time:

  1. In the Book of World Records you can find information on what is the most expensive thing in the world of advertising. In 2002, Pepsi decided to create a unique 90-second promotional video. Princess Pop Britney Spears was invited as the main character. Thanks to the brilliant talent and unrealistic popularity of the singer, Pepsi was able to increase sales of its products and outstrip all competitors. Britney has received more than seven million royalties, an absolute record. The total cost of advertising was $ 25 million.
  2. Advertising of all known perfumes Chanel №5 cost 20 million dollars. The actress Nicole Kidman took part in the creation of the video. The two-minute video has become one of the most viewed commercials in the world for just a month of rotation.

Virtual stuff and video clips

Gamers every day buy a lot of different virtual stuff that can be used later in the game. The most expensive virtual thing in the world of computer games was sold for 330 thousand dollars. It represents a cosmic resort from the game universe "Entropy".

Pay attention to the most expensive things in the world of video industry. Among the huge number of star clips you can select the most expensive:

1. The most expensive clip is a video of the song "Scream" by the King of Pop, Michael Jackson and his sister Giannet Jackson (1995). The total cost of filming was seven million dollars. The clip has received many awards and is rightfully listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive and successful star of all time. The clip holds an honored place in the list of the 10 most expensive things in the world.

2. Britney Spears "Work, B * tch!". The video was filmed relatively recently, in 2013. The high cost is due to the large number of locations. In the clip you can see a very rare model of "Maserati" and a pool with live sharks floating around the singer. This is the seventh video of Britney Spears, whose budget exceeded a million dollars.

3. Madonna. The video of the singer is on the right list of the most expensive clips. She has more than five works with a budget that exceeds five million dollars. Her most expensive clip is a video for a song called "Die Another Day" in 2002.


We look at the most expensive things in the world, some of them are in the article. Dear cars - this is one of the most beloved things of all the rich. They create personal fleets of purpose, buying up all rare and chic models. The most expensive thing in the world of cars is about 20 million pounds. This is a collectible red "Ferrari" model of the 1988 release.

Thanks to the results of the auctions of the world cultural heritage, the most expensive picture was determined. This is the work of Picasso, which is called "Algerian Women". The creation of the picture is dated one thousand nine hundred and fifty five years. The work was sold for $ 180 million and is still included in the list of the most expensive things in the world.

expensive resorts

One day at the most expensive resort in the world will cost 30 thousand dollars. The location of this resort is the Virgin Islands. A high price will fully ensure the privacy and all the necessary conditions for a luxurious holiday. The resort is one of the most expensive things in the world.

The most expensive and special dishes

Cooking is a kind of art. It can take a lot of time and effort to create refined and sophisticated cookery masterpieces. There are a lot of foods and dishes in the world that cost more than all our cuisine. The price of such cooking masterpieces varies from hundreds to several thousand dollars. Below you will find out what is considered the most expensive and refined dish.

The most expensive and unusual dumplings on Earth can be found at the American restaurant Golden Gate, which is located in New York. Mostly the restaurant is visited by people from CIS countries. The peculiarity of dumplings is that they contain very expensive products: marble meat, veal, salmon, and even iron is a very rare fish-torch, which occurs only in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Due to such a strange component of the dumplings, an unusual blue-green color is obtained. The specific look does not prevent the food from being edible and delicious. A plate of 8 pelmeni is worth $ 2,400.

Diamond caviar of Beluga - the purest and most expensive caviar in the world. The more fish the older, the more valuable its caviar. Delicatessen has a very delicate and refined taste. Exporting such delicacies from country to country is extremely difficult. Packed caviar chic - in a jar of genuine gold. Serve only in some London restaurants. The cost of diamaceous caviar is $ 50,000 per kilo.

The most expensive chocolate is made in the USA and sold at $ 2,600 per pound. The shelf life of a product is very small, so it is practically not sent for export. Chocolate contains only environmentally friendly and natural ingredients.

One more expensive dish is pizza. One of the most expensive pizzas in the world is named after King Louis XIII. The dish is cooked exclusively in the presence of the client, and includes mozzarella cheese, langustin, several species of caviar, lobster and shrimp. Also, the dish does not use ordinary salt, but very rare, Australian pink. The cost of pizza is $ 8,000.