Annually their new deadlines for filing certain official documents are set. Any taxpayer must read them and clearly follow all the established procedures. The deadline for reporting is directly dependent on where the documents are submitted.

Tax calendar for 2016 - changes, terms

The tax calendar is a table that will be interesting for both the LLC, for the IP without employees, and for other forms of management. You will find out when to submit the documentation to the FSS, to the FIU, to the Roskolgorregululia, to the Central Bank, to the Federal Tax Service, to the IFNS, to the Rosstat, to the RosNarodnadagadzor, to the Pension Fund, to Petrostat, to statistics on ecology and many other statistical reports. This calendar has been approved by many authorities. Here, both annual and quarterly information fitted here.

If the organization has a simplified taxation system, then it has somewhat modified dates for reporting, which are recorded in the tax calendar. In this report, all expenses on MFIs, salaries and many other items are displayed, all responsibility lies with accountants.

Submission of statements for 1 quarter of 2016 - terms

According to the tax calendar, by April 8, a report had to be submitted on the protection and protection of forests; until April 14, to pay income tax on government securities. April 20 - the day of delivery of the following statements: a declaration on UTII, on water tax, in the form 4-FSS, DSV-3, simplified (oral), invoice, the volume of alcohol production. Until April 256, it was necessary to pay these amounts.

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Terms of reporting to the FSS with a tax calendar

Form 4-FSS must be taxed before April 20, 2016, for 6 months - until July 20, for 9 months - until October 20. In this case, if you submit the documentation electronically, the terms will be prolonged for five days. Also, in this body until April 15 must provide documentation-confirmation of the main activities.

Deadlines for reporting under the MTS

Many terms of delivery of documents to LLC on the MTS from the tax calendar are the same as for all others. However, the UAN declaration for organizations must be filed by March 31. The same declaration for entrepreneurs - until May 4.

Income tax in 2016

For the income tax in the tax calendar, one of the most stringent terms is set. For example, May 30, 2016 is the deadline for submission of a payment declaration and payment of the advance for April. In other places, the situation is the same, that is, the last day of the next month is the deadline for submission of statements from the previous 30 days.

+7 (499) 703-41-47 - Moscow, Moscow Region
+7 (812) 309-83-52 - St. Petersburg, Leningrad region

Reporting IP on the MTS in 2016 without employees - Deadline

Advance payments for the first three months of the year should be made before April 25, six months until July 25, and nine months until October 25. From this, it follows that according to the tax calendar, a new form of declaration for the SP on the MTR for 2015 was to be submitted by April 30, 2016 inclusive.

6 PIT for tax calendar

For example, the first quarter of 2016 should be reported no later than May 4, for 6 months - not later than August 1, for 9 months - no later than October 31. For the year, the form with all relevant information must be submitted by April 1, 2017.

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After the end of the calendar year, the tax agent must provide the Inspection with a certificate of 2-PIT. At the same time, the deadline specified in the tax calendar is March 1. Late visit is extremely difficult as it is possible to provide the certificate electronically. which saves time considerably. and is a way out of a situation where the taxpayer is outside the city or country.

Taxpayer calendar download for free:

All references relevant to employers and accountants concerning the payment of taxes and the payment of fines have a typical form. The link will find the Taxpayer Calendar, which will be useful primarily to the accountants of the organizations responsible for submitting documentation to the relevant authorities. here all the terms of delivery of the documentation and returns on profit, individual workers, etc. are registered.

The procedure for submitting declarations and time is the same in Moscow, and in Tatarstan, and in other cities of the Russian Federation. For refusing to give even zero reporting, there is a fine (by the way, IP without employees is obliged to file a zero tax return in the same form as budget organizations with a large headquarters).

Try not to delay payments on land, in extrabudgetary funds, on EGAIS and other bodies until the last day. Although if it is a weekend, then the deadline in the inspection or another body is postponed to the next day. At the moment, according to statistics, most companies display accounting information, contributions and payments exactly in the last days of the month.