Each person, when hiring, passes a series of stages that help in designing him to a position. In this case, an order for recruitment, which performs a kind of anchor function, is written. At the time of release on their own, the completed form is stored in the company's archive for all terms within three years. Calculation of cash limit can be carried out. The accounting documentation for each employee is obligatory.

Sample orders and filled forms - rules for drawing up

If we talk about the approved rules for filling orders and their forms for 2016, then they are, above all, an extract from the log of registration, which is assigned to each employee at the time of dismissal.

The document is issued in WORD format with all contact details of the applicant, as well as complete passport information. The disciplinary sanction without saving salaries in a court act is discussed separately. About sending employees to work in the organization according to staffing is a new free plan. The form filled in with an employment order must contain the following information:

  • 1. Full name.
  • 2. Position with job descriptions.
  • 3. Date from which the person enters the post.
  • 4. The salary is due in advance with the new employee.

Recruitment order - sample completed. form (Form T-1)

From the current year there is a new sample of paper filling during hiring. Since 2016 there is no clear written form, the document may be issued arbitrarily in accordance with the sample. A company can develop its appearance at the time of liberation or the election of a person to work. On the appointment of the responsible director of the LLC, an order is written in which it is obligatory to briefly specify job descriptions and commitments, especially material ones, if any.

In the subject: Required documents for building permission

The director of the company is also in charge of the electrical industry. Personnel should take into account all the nuances when hiring. The rates of fuel consumption when using official fuel are determined with the manager of the organization and the driver. In Russia, the design of work takes place in several stages. About bonuses are announced in advance.

Order on dismissal at will - a sample (form T-8)

If the employee wishes to leave the workplace at his own discretion, a special type of document is drawn up, which contains the full information about the company, the contact details of the responsible person and the signature of the employee himself. KDP in January is mandatory. The original contract may be terminated prematurely. Personnel is responsible for fire safety of persons.

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Calculation of the cash limit for 2016: sample order with the calculation appendix

As a rule, there are no strict rules and clearly defined applications on how to fill this form in Russia. However, in order to correctly calculate the limit cash office should calculate the proceeds in one day. Registration takes only a few minutes, but it is a fundamental document when counting. In this case, you can correctly keep track of cash transactions and applications. We can talk about the establishment of a commission and make responsible decisions that will help in solving this issue.

Order for approval of the staffing schedule for 2016, sample

Before completing this document in accordance with the completed sample, it is necessary to remember that it is necessary to agree the terms with all employees who will somehow participate in this process. There are no strict rules and the document is issued in accordance with the wishes of the manager in an arbitrary and convenient form. About approval of staffing and occupational safety it is necessary to speak personally with each employee.

In the subject: A report on the professional practice of a lawyer, an economist, a student

Order for bonus specimen (Form T-11)

In order to draw up the T-11 form for the award of a bonus to one or another employee, it is only necessary to know his or her name, as well as the personal account. The design of the document header takes place in accordance with the approved rules. The main text is written as desired. On the placement of job descriptions, rules of internal labor regulations, the form of write-offs must be recorded in the annex.

About the inventory order

If an enterprise takes a kind of inventory it is necessary to prepare an order in an appropriate form. At the same time, a list is attached to the document with the description of the presence of things that are prone to it. Separated units also participate. The main activities on vacation are special directions. In the header of the order the number and category of the enterprise are written.

Order for the transition to summer fuel consumption standards sample

In case of execution of the director's order on the transition to the age norms in the document, the conditions are obligatory, as well as the payment of material with indication of the amount. In this case, a responsible person is appointed for the observance and control of the data units. Write-offs are required. Card or account is required. Termination of the contract is possible. Download for free below. Termination of the relevant conditions can also be made.