What state to date is the poorest country? Many people are interested in this issue. Honestly, in Russia, the level of wages and security is not too high, but there are states that are much poorer. You should talk about them.

Briefly about LDCs

LDCs - the least developed countries are so brief. This is the official term used within the framework of the United Nations. They are labeled by the poorest countries in Europe and the world in which the poorly developed economy and low living standards are. Inclusion in the group of LDCs, I must say, shows some advantages and advantages. For example, financial assistance, benefits, equipment, medical and humanitarian services. But, unfortunately, this is not enough.

According to 2014 statistics, in the category of poor countries, there were 47 different states. The term LDCs began to be used about 45 years ago (it was officially introduced in 1971), and at that time, the number of such states was much smaller - only 24.

Data of fresh statistics

Since the time when the term LDC was introduced, a large number of countries were included in the list of poor countries. Many of them managed to overcome the crisis and get out of this ranking. Some are not. But, nevertheless, the list exists, and, unfortunately, it is regularly replenished.

For example, Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Bhutan, Benin, Guinea, Haiti, Yemen, Laos, Nepal, Lesotho, Chad and Ethiopia are the poorest countries that were listed on the list in 1971, so they stayed there for current time Unfortunately, the crisis seized them a lot.

Also included in the list are countries such as Angola, Bangladesh, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Madagascar, Rwanda and many others. As you can see, most of them belong to the African continent. There really is a very low standard of living. According to the rating made on the basis of IMF data, the Togolese Republic (Togo) became the poorest country in 2014. Many states are very concerned about the situation in Africa and are trying to help people survive this period. It remains to be hoped that the situation will be resolved.

North and South America

Speaking about the poorest country in the world, the American continent can not but be ignored. Many people blindly believe that the states of the North and South have a well-developed economy, high wages and a decent standard of living. Well, maybe in places like Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and so on. Yes, and there. But take, for example, Mexico, Peru or the Republic of Haiti. Many poor countries are located in North and South America. Incidentally, that's why many places located there do not require a visa for a trip. As a matter of fact, these countries survive just at the expense of tourism.

European data

In many people, Europe is associated with wealth, success, prosperity. And indeed, it is worth, at least, to look at such luxurious states as Germany, Switzerland, Italy. The level of life that reigns there is really inspiring. However, even in a prosperous Europe, there are dysfunctional countries. It's worth talking about. The poorest countries in Europe are Romania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia. There is a very low level of GDP, small salaries, a weak economy. Because of that - cheap products, real estate. However, for residents of these states, the prices set are still considered high. But the poorest country in Europe is Moldova. There are very low incomes, despite the fact that this state is considered the 14th in the area on the whole continent. That's just because of tourism and agriculture (these are the main sources of income of Moldova), the country does not become richer.

The rating of European outsiders

Speaking about the poorest country in Europe, you should rank it. To be more precise, such a list already exists. And this is the 10 poorest countries on the European continent. Some of them were listed above. But you should talk about each one more in detail.

The richest of the poorest countries are Bulgaria. There, the GDP is $ 14,500 per capita. In Romania, the 9th country on the list, this indicator is 12,800 dollars. In this state, 19 million people live, and they survive only through the export of equipment, metal, and agriculture. In Montenegro, GDP is even lower - 11 700, and it survives at the expense of the same as Romania (plus the tourist sector is actively developing). In Macedonia, GDP is a thousand less. Nothing special in this country is produced, and a third of the population is below the poverty line. Serbia is not the poorest country, but there the GDP is $ 10,500. This state has a rich history, but the economy has fallen sharply in recent years. Bosnia and Herzegovina, which survived the war, is now actually divided into two parts. There, the GDP is $ 8,300 per person per year. Albania is fourth, and Ukraine, a close neighbor of Russia, is third. It is currently the poorest country in the CIS. Not surprisingly, if you remember what happened after March 2014. The country began to collapse, completely different political events began to develop, and the economy fell practically completely.

After Ukraine comes Kosovo and, finally, Moldova. This is the poorest country in the whole of Europe.

About the states of the Asian continent

Europe, as you can see, is also not without the poor states. And what can we say about the poorest countries in Asia? The least secure state there is East Timor. The GDP figure is only $ 535 a month. Maluato for the prices that are set there for products, real estate and cars. Slightly more "rich" is Nepal with GDP at $ 536. And closes three of the poorest countries in Asia-Afghanistan - where the GDP is $ 560.

About the CIS economy

Fortunately, the poorest country in the world is not located in the CIS. However, these states with the economy, unfortunately, are not all well formed. For example, the Russian Federation, which is one of the largest countries in the whole of the Earth, occupies the 95th place in the ranking of the least-affluent countries. The minimum wage in our country is about six thousand rubles, and this is very small, especially if you take into account current prices and suddenly increased the dollar.

Plus, it's worth mentioning that there are only 251 officially registered countries around the world. It turns out, Russia is among the states that are in the third third of the list. It is sad to realize this, but 25% of our population is under the poverty line in our vast country. The most secure state of the CIS is Kazakhstan. It should be noted that his economy is the largest in Central Asia. Extraction of oil, minerals and metal - that's why this country exists.

Well, no matter how the economic situation in Russia is evolving, it remains to believe that things will soon be fine.