Plants beautifully decorate any room, create an atmosphere of comfort, purity and comfort. That is why many people attach great importance to landscaping their apartments, cottages, and beautiful indoor plants are bought for offices and state institutions.

According to polls of sociologists, each house has an average of 3-4 flowers, with people every year buying 2 new copies to diversify their collection. From this it turns out that the sale of indoor plants - a profitable business with great prospects in the future. The demand for such a product is unlikely to fall, but the fact that every year growers of florists become more and more - is a fact.

Is it worth starting a business on plants?

Beginner entrepreneurs, never before encountered sales, long doubt whether it is generally worth taking up this business at all. There is a lot of competition on the market between sellers of cut flowers that go on bouquets, but there are not so many shops selling houseplants.

In addition, they are much easier to sell, because the product is not spoiled quickly, with proper care, it can preserve its flawless appearance for years. Many entrepreneurs who started flower business are gradually moving on to house pot plants, because it is more profitable, more cost-effective and much easier.

How to pick up the product range?

In the organization of the workplace and the selection of the product range lies half the success. Business on indoor plants should bring pleasure if the businessman is cold to the flora, then he is unlikely to succeed in creating a prosperous business. Particular attention should be paid to the collection of colors, should not be limited to only beautiful or evergreen specimens.

Buyers are all different, some prefer small, does not take much space for violets, geraniums, others like volumetric ficus, dracaena, yuki, others are delighted with exotic - pahypodiums, palms, bedsores, living stones. The sale of indoor plants will go up, if each client finds for himself a green one, nobody should go empty-handed.

How to equip a store?

Conditioner - this is the main equipment for the care of indoor plants, its installation in the room is mandatory, because the flowers require the maintenance of a certain temperature. Every day, the owner or seller must spend time on watering, spraying, feeding their pupils, only so can provide them impeccable appearance.

The health of plants in many respects depends on the correctness of their location. On the window sill you can put cacti, violets, that is, low-flowered flowers that will not obscure the natural light. High specimens, such as potted palm trees, ficus, dracaena, are best placed on a low bench, or straight on the floor on the stand.

Earnings on "consumables"

Many flower business entrepreneurs agree with the fact that they receive most of their profits from the sale of so-called "consumables". That is, sellers receive significant revenue from the sale of pots, fertilizers, drainage, soil, multi-tiered supports, etc.

Accessories for indoor plants are needed by each flower gardener, it's not important whether he will buy a flower or not, but he already has green puppets at home, so looking at the shiny leaves of ficus in the store, he will remember his and buy polished, ponders over the transplant in more Space Capacity and will acquire a pot and soil. Most plants require transplant, it will be much more convenient for the client to leave the box office to purchase all the necessary materials, and the businessman will receive from this extra profit.

Additional source of income

A successful businessman must not only equip the room and monitor the health and appearance of his product, but also be able to sell his service. No matter how professional he was, he will not survive in the market of rigid and merciless competition, if he does not advertise himself as it should. On the Internet, you should create a small site with a description of the plants, their photos, prices and contact details of the store. Also, it would be nice to make a colorful sign, to unpack the ad.

At first, attracting buyers can be promotions, discounts. If you have the relevant knowledge and skills, then you can offer your services in decorating the colors of the premises. Often, firms buy large batches of plants for decorating offices, for a fee you can help the client to pick up the most commonly used specimens. With this service, you can earn extra money and place your customer, and the free time it takes quite a bit.

Basic costs

Like any business, the sale of indoor plants involves not only profit, but also certain costs. The exact price is difficult to quantify, as prices in each region of the country are different. To start, you need to place an amount of $ 4,000, without taking into account the rent or purchase of the premises. Flower garden should be spent on the purchase of air conditioner, advertising, as well as the purchase of goods. In addition, money is needed for the rental of the store.

The room should be chosen wisely, it should be spacious, have at least one, but preferably two large windows, as well as shaded corner, because the flowers are different, some like to swim in the sun, others prefer to stay in the shade. If you do not trade on your own, you will also have to spend on the salary of the seller. To save on the purchase of consumables and plants, you can combine with other entrepreneurs and buy the goods from wholesalers.

A professional sales consultant is the key to success

Love, patience, caring care absolutely all house plants. As a business, this type of activity requires not only the presence of a business vein, but also the location of flowers. If you stand alone behind the counter there is no desire, then you need to find a person who is in love with the plants. A lot depends on the seller, he should be friendly, helpful, but not bored. This man must study all the goods, know what care is needed for one or another plant.

The enthusiasm that will be distributed by the seller-consultant will be passed on to the client as well. The buyer, who received the complete information on his interest, will come to the store more than once. Very often people do not have a certain purpose, buying a houseplant for a gift, they need advice, so the consultant must do a short excursion and offer the best options, explaining all the advantages and disadvantages of the selected colors.

Work for joy

The sale of indoor plants will bring tangible income only if the businessman receives satisfaction from his offspring. An inspired person with great desire to take up any job, if the profession does not like it, then it brings frustration, internal torment. If you analyze the history of the lives of successful people, then it becomes clear - they managed to find their way, open their possibilities, the desire to recognize.

Flower gardeners are somewhat crazy in some ways, they can tirelessly take care of their green pets, extract rare exotic specimens from different parts of the planet, and learn new information. This interest and awareness greatly helps in business, since the entrepreneur is interested in doing it, it's very cool when the hobby turns into a source of income.