Favorable deposits in rubles in the banks of Moscow today

Before deciding on choosing a reliable bank with the most interest rating, the depositor must answer such a question - for what purpose he intends to continue to use his money deposit? After all, the interest rate is in direct proportion to the purpose of the client's investment? There are three main areas for applying the deposit:

  • For accumulation (accumulation).
  • For savings (savings).
  • To carry out settlement operations.

Savings deposit has the most favorable interest rates - an average of 0.5% higher than accruals and 1.5% more profitable than estimated.

To invest in a bank is the most simple passive way of making a profit, because such investment does not require the depositor of special economic or financial education and the possession of specific knowledge and skills. All is quite simple - when choosing a priority bank, the consumer looks first of all at its interest rates. However, it is necessary to take into account the following factor: if a client anticipates a regular withdrawal of interest rates, it is better for him to choose a financial institution that provides deposits with capitalization of investments.

Deposits in banks of Moscow at the maximum percentage - top 50 offers

The most favorable deposits in rubles in Moscow banks today guarantee the maximum percentage represented by TOP 50 ratings.

The list includes, in descending order, the following metropolitan financial organizations:

  • 1. "New year patterns" - with the index of 12,75.
  • 2. Tinkoff (Tinckoff) - with a twelve-percent deposit rate.
  • 3. "Credit Europe" - offers 11.25.
  • 4. Binbank - guarantees a client more than 11%.
  • 5. Bank "Opening", located in the Khanty-Mansiysk region - will give the depositor about 10%.

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With a deposit amount of 100 thousand, which the client is ready to invest in a bank for half a year, it is better to stop the choice on the following companies:

  • 6. Vneshprombank - more than 11%.
  • 7. Bank "Trust" - more than 11%
  • 8. "Eastern Express" - about 11.3%
  • 9. "Russian Standard" - 11,5%.
  • 10. "Moscow Credit" - about 11% on deposit.

If the consumer wants to invest in the amount of three thousand US dollars for half a year, the following financial structures are better:

  • 11. "Eastern Express" - the rate of 3.3 in the currency.
  • 12. "Globex" - 3.3%.
  • 13. "Ugra" - also 3.3%.
  • 14. "Eastern Express" - indexation 3.25.
  • 15. "RosEvroBank" - 3.2% in foreign currency.

When dollar investments in the amount of $ 2500 for six months, it is better to place them in the following organizations:

  • 16. "Eastern Express" - 2.85%.
  • 17. Globex - 2.8%.
  • 18. Novikombank - 2.75%.

For a sum of 10 thousand dollars for one year:

+7 (499) 703-41-47   - Moscow, Moscow Region
+7 (812) 309-83-52- St. Petersburg, Leningrad region

  • 19. Vneshprom - 11.9%.
  • 20. Newborn - 12,5%.
  • 21. TransCapital - about 12%.
  • 22. Home Credit Bank - 11.3%.
  • 23. Trust - 11.85%.
  • 24. Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development - 3.5%.

Completely with the 2016 ranking table you can find on the site "Profitable Deposits".

Maximum interest on deposits in Moscow banks in rubles 2016

The maximum rates on deposits in banks of Moscow today can be viewed on the official website "Bank of Moscow deposits."

The most interest rates in SPb and Moscow

The best interest rates in St. Petersburg and Moscow offer such fines. firms:

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Contributors to the capital of Russia and St. Petersburg, it is recommended to pay attention to the following organizations: "Russian Standard", the First Czech-Russian, IDEA. Renaissance Credit.

The best offers and promotions with gifts in 2016 are Christmas and holiday offerings to their clients in Sberbank, the Russian Standard, Home Credit. You can check the seasonal offers of other institutions, which have deposit and ruble options, on official sites. Do not forget about the testimonials of individuals, pensioners, since these categories of citizens choose the most favorable conditions for themselves.

Contributions of 13 percent to banks in Moscow: an overview of leading institutions

The most profitable investments under 13 percent today offer the following financial institutions of the capital:

  • National Corporate;
  • interactive;
  • Voronezh

Foreign currency deposits in banks of Moscow under the maximum percentage of the top 50

It is believed that foreign currency is more reliable than our ruble. Therefore, those who wish to issue a deposit in dollars or euros before choosing a better return offer must familiarize themselves with the table TOP 50 metropolitan banks that provide the maximum rate.

Consequently, the most profitable offers for today are as follows:

For dollar investments, the most attractive are the structures: Eastern Express, "Globex", "Ugra", RosEvroBank. Globex Vneshprombank and others.

For Euro deposits - Novikom, Home loan and finance. East Express, Moscow Industrial.

There is a detailed comparative table of interest rates on investments in banks of the capital. You can see and study it on the online PFGFX resource.For today you can download a table of profitable offers here: