In the framework of the fight against tobacco smoke in public places in Russia on February 23, 2013, the Federal Law was adopted. His goal is to protect public health from the direct impact of tobacco smoke. This law introduces a total ban on smoking in public places. This fact is known to all, but the fines and a specific list of such territories often raise questions.

The Law on the Prohibition of Smoking in Public Sites in 2016 is the main provisions of the law

Thus, this legislative act defines the concepts and principles that protect the health of all citizens from tobacco and smoke. It lists all the rights and obligations of citizens (including those who smoke), as well as the consequences, if they will not be observed. The document clearly identifies the powers of the state authorities in this area, one of the main tasks of which is to monitor the implementation of established norms.

The list of public places where smoking is prohibited under the smoking law

The smoking ban law in public places includes restrictions on the following places:

  • premises in educational and cultural establishments, as well as in those where sports services are provided;
  • premises in medical and rehabilitation institutions;
  • in vehicles carrying out suburban and city communications;
  • in open territories, where the distance to the entrance to the premises of bus and train stations, as well as sea, river ports, metro stations, airports is not more than fifteen meters;
  • in the premises of social services;
  • in the premises of state power and self-government bodies;
  • in the working areas of the room;
  • in elevators, territories of general use of multi-apartment buildings (staircase);
  • on playgrounds, beaches, gas stations;
  • in bars, restaurants, trains, trains, dormitories, hotels, platforms.

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In the entrance of dwelling houses, on the balcony you can smoke?

The law on the prohibition of smoking in public places in its list includes the entrances of residential buildings. In some entrances you can find ads that there are specially designated areas with adequate ventilation. With regard to the balcony, then in the article of the law prohibiting smoking, with a list of public places, there is no direct mention of the loggia. And even taking into account the changes in force since 2014 came into force. However, there are often administrative disputes, when neighbors nevertheless prove that tobacco, or rather tobacco smoke, prevents them from falling into the territory of their apartment. And their reasons are quite legitimate, which the court will necessarily take into account.

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The law prohibiting the smoking of electronic cigarettes in public places

Recently, it has been proved that smoking of electronic cigarettes can also cause damage, so it is not surprising that the deputies decided to start work on a new project, which relates specifically to these devices. But one should understand that the anti-tobacco law and the law on electronic cigarettes, if it is still adopted (from day to day, will be made final decision on whether to enter it or not), can not be called a single document. These will be two separate projects, but with one aim - the restriction of smoking in public places.

The penalty for smoking in public places in 2016

If you want to smoke in the entrance, for example, then you will have to pay a fine of 500-3000 rubles. Interestingly, the fine relies on those institutions where the fact of smoking was recorded. This, of course, applies not to the entrance, but, for example, restaurants or cafes (up to 30000 rubles).

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Where to smoke under the law in 2016

Thus, having thoroughly studied the law, one can designate places where for a couple or two there will be nothing: no penalty will be issued, nor documents will be asked to show.

Today, you can smoke in your apartments and houses, but in any case not on the staircase cells of the entrances.

It is also allowed in specially equipped places with ventilation in different offices and shopping centers. Under such a fence is something like a cabin where there is a hood. But the urine and the corresponding sign - not at all the rules and also threaten the owners of offices. where such is set fines.

With regard to the street, the law on smoking ban in public places does not completely prohibit this action on the street, but restrictions, as noted above, are high. So smokers need to make sure they are 15 meters from the subway, train station, airport, educational and medical facilities, etc.

Of course, those who are accustomed to getting bored every 15 minutes seem like nothing but injustice, and they are sure that their rights are completely undermined. However, if you look at the problem from the other side, you understand that all this is for the benefit of society. Perhaps the percentage of non-smokers will increase, and with it the death rate at the early working age of the population of large metropolises (in most cities the highest percentage of smokers) will decrease.